Bring Your Dog to School Day

I propose a day when students are allowed to bring their dogs to school.

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A Haiku

Sandwiches are cool

girls just wanna have fu- un

Hofstra is a school

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The Cold Ones

Our crew is in crippling danger. We have fallen apart and our hearts are blocks of insulated ice. There is no hope in this world of drags. No redemption.

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Porous Rocks

Pumice is a rock. But it sometimes scrubs feet.

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Lauren is mean

So today Lauren dragged me.

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A Good Day for Blogging


Every meme for himself

Memes memes nothing but memes

Eating goldfish is good

Mwish me luck coach



It’s okay, Mary


Photo on 5-19-15 at 11.34 AM

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Doing Things on the List

Hello Wax Jambu fans!

Well, over February break we filmed our last scene! We still have lots of work to do but we are now in the process of editing the last scene of the movie! Exciting stuff people! Our shoot over break was a lot of fun! Though attendance was restricted (only Jamie, Bridget, Mary, and myself were allowed) to keep the pace moving and to keep everyone focused, we still had a great time! We took a trip to Stop and Shop and McDonald’s to get some last minute props as well as some much needed snacks. After shooting wrapped we settled down and watched The Theory of Everything! Shout out to my main man Eddie Redmayne, congrats on the win!

We now have TWO fantastic BuTube vlogs up! You can watch them here:

Filming the vlogs is so much fun because we get to show our fans a little sneak peak into the film and into the inner workings of the Wax Jambu crew. We try to get some footage of each step of the process, from shopping at Forever 21 to doing hair and makeup. As of right now we are making great progress on the film! Everyone should attend our Halloween Party on March 20th it’s gonna be a blast! For now, this is the Wax Jambu crew, signing off!




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