It’s Time

Hi, this is Lauren, I’m excited to get our movie started and to play Marley, which is a very interesting role that I will have to do a lot of preparing for.  I have a lot of good expectations for our movie, since we have a lot of good workers on our crew who have a vision for this movie that they will work hard to achieve.  I also can’t wait to act alongside Mary Healy and Caitlyn Cooper who will bring a lot to this movie, and it’ll be a lot of fun to film with them.

Hopefully our crew will get together soon to have a movie night where we are planning to watch “Black Swan” and hopefully one or two other movies that will help us all and provide inspiration for not only my own character, but also for different shots and directing styles that the directors will benefit from seeing.

Our crew so far has gotten really close already and I think we’ll be really great friends by the end of filming, and hopefully we’ll make a great movie along the way!

-Lauren LoRusso

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