It was an ordinary Monday afternoon for the Bu Crew. We were headed off to my house to film a scene with Marley in her bedroom for one of the first scenes in the movie. All was well. We arrived at my house and dressed the set, hanging up Marley’s pictures and arranging her desk. Lauren got into her costume and we were setting up the camera.

At that moment, Lauren spotted a small creature on the wall — a spider. As one might expect, our initial reaction was a mix of anger and terror, and we backed away from the tiny beast so that we could calmly come up with a way to eject it from my bedroom. However, a realization then dawned upon us. One of the biggest obstacles that we’ve faced this year is getting a spider for a scene later in the movie. Alas, filming Scene 2 was clearly not meant to be, so Pontis volunteered (mistake #1) to get up on my swivel chair (mistake #2) to collect the spider into a plastic cage (one might call it a cup) so that we could put it onto my bureau. We quickly learned that Pontis is incompetent (although we all knew that already) and Angela got the spider instead.

Affectionately named Jerry, our arachnid friend did a couple of takes of the scene with grace and confidence. We let him scurry around on my bureau as I attempted to keep the rascal in focus (don’t tell me keeping footage in focus with a 1.8 f stop is hard until you’ve tried filming a tiny frightened spider). We gave Jerry breaks every couple of takes as to not overwork the poor little fellow. However, disaster struck when Jerry got a little too close to the edge of the bureau. Angela was ready with the cup to scoop him back up, but he slipped down the back of the bureau and out of sight, leaving the Bu Crew in a state of panic. Luckily, we retrieved him once again, and he did a few more takes.

Once the shoot was done, we were faced with another dilemma: what is a crew to do with a tiny eight legged friend? In typical Pontis fashion, my co-director offered to take him home, but her suggestion was followed by a swift “NO” from the entire crew. So we only had one option left — we had to release him into the wild.

Trying not to think about the fact that we were expecting a huge blizzard the next day, we let Jerry go outside so that he could be free. We are still holding hope that he found warmth and shelter during the inclement weather, but alas, we will never know what came of poor Jerry.

Although the shoot did not goes as planned, we are thankful that the Spider Gods blessed us with a gem of an actor in young Jerry. #PrayForJerry #GoneButNotForgotten

Until next time,


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